Thursday, January 2, 2014

Welcome 2014 - A brief note from the Administrator

     As we embark upon 2014, I am excited to share our goals for the upcoming year!  Our agency encountered many political and environmental challenges throughout 2013, and we successfully managed to meet those challenges head on, without reducing any of our services, specialized programming, or individualized approaches.

      Much of our ability to maintain our standards and philosophy of care is due to the supportive attitude and assistance from the family's, friends, and guardians of our residents.  2013 blessed us with a network of supportive families, friends, and guardians   dedicated to our philosophy of an individualized client centered careplan, thus enabling the implementation of the goals and programs across all environments.

     As we head into 2014, one of our priorities is to continue to promote involvement and input  of  families, friends and guardians of our residents in the many aspects of our resident's lives.  We look forward to working together as a team to develop and implement a careplan that meets each indiidual's unique needs, interests, desires, and dreams. 

      One means for us to reach out to families, friends, guardians, and communities is through our creation of this blog.  I hope you will take some time to explore the pages for information specific to each facility, such as the activities, resident council meetings, and schedule of events.  Pages have been created to announce opportunities we have for volunteers and employment, the latest news related to developmental disabilities and residential services, and residential openings within our facilities.    If you would like to offer suggestions, have concerns, or would like to make an inquiry, please visit our Contact us page for a list of our management personnel and contact information.

     Please come back and visit us often, as we will update our information and schedules of events so that you can stay informed and up to date with what each facility is up to.

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