Monday, June 16, 2014

Immediate services for Developmentally Disabled Adults in Central Illinois

Did you Know you could be Eligible for Services NOW?   

Did you know that you could be eligible for services for yourself or a loved one with developmental disabilities, now?    If you have started the screening process by contacting your local PAS agency then you have already got the ball rolling.  The next step is a PAS agent will complete a PUNS with you to determine the urgency for needs and services.  Once the PUNS is complete, many families are told they will need to wait for an award letter from DHS, and until that letter is received, the PUNS will be updated annually.  So, families sit and wait...and wait... and wait...  There is an alternative!  If you or your loved one meet the criteria provided by the State of Illinois for developmental disability, you could be receiving services now - through an ICF/DD provider.  If you are seeking residential services, you could have immediate access to an ICF/DD.  This is because the ICF/DD is funded differently than other DHS programs.  An ICF/DD has the funding secured to the facility, there is no waiting- there is no annual PUNS updates-  You could have services, including residential services, active treatment, and day training tomorrow.  To find out more, contact your PAS agency and request information about ICF/DD openings in your area.  OR you can contact a representative with our agency and we will assist you, answer your questions, and provide you information about our current ICF/DD openings.  Contact us at or by telephone at 217/873-5266 or 217/620-2055.

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