Employment Opportunities

Drew Corporation & Autumn Leaves Inc.  believes in hiring caring, well rounded, educated,  staff to provide residential services to the individuals we serve.  Our direct care staff receive specialized training in a variety of areas critical to meeting the needs of the residents we serve.  Trainings include food service and dietary requirements, behavior modification, crisis prevention and intervention, medication administration, pharmaceutical side effects, human rights, communication and interaction, fire and disaster preparedness, etc.   
All staff employed by our agency must successfully complete the Department of Human Services required Direct Support Persons training, are subjected to a fingerprint background check, and receive 80 hours on the job training under supervision of the House Advocate or Unit Director, before working independently at any of our facilities.  
Current positions available:
Direct support person-  44th St Place 
Second shift and weekends.  Part time/full time positions available.  To apply, email inquiry to:
mccc240@gmail.com and put 44th St. Place in the subject line
Direct support person- Lovington area (15m iles east of Decatur)
2nd shift, 3rd shift, part time, weekend positions available.  If interested inquire at 
mccc240@gmail.com and type MCCC in the subject line

Direct support person- Beacon St. Place
part time 3rd shift
Inquire at mccc240@gmail.com and put BSP in subject line

Would you like to begin a career which is respected, rewarding, and benefits many individuals?  If so, please contact us with your inquiry at

Volunteer opportunities... 

Our agency believes in providing a wide array of activities and leisure opportunities to our residents to assist them in growth and personal exploration.  We are always excited to have volunteers assist us with activities or special interest projects!  Some of the activities that we have previously has volunteers assist us with include sewing class to 2 individuals, arts/crafts activities, music / and performances by church and youth group performed in our facilities, etc. 

Some areas we currently are looking for volunteers to assist us are:

We have 2 individuals who are interested in learning sewing.  We have machine available at facility for use.  We will provide materials needed for a project such as a tote bag, pillow, etc.  We really just need someone with a few hours once a month for a few months to assist these individuals in learning the skills of sewing!

Our residents love music and are always excited when youth groups, small musical groups, church groups, etc. come and perform.  If you have a musical group and need to practice, we would love to be your audience!

Many of our residents attend church services locally.  We do have some individuals that for health/or other reasons do not wish to attend church services outside of the facility.  They would love to have church services brought to them- If you have the ability to provide church services to a small group of individuals occassionally, our residents would greatly appreciate it!

Art / craft type projects- Our individuals are anxious to learn new skills and they are always searching for new creative outlets.  If you have a skill or technique that you could share with our individuals, they would really enjoy it.  we will provide necessary materials- we just need your knowledge and time.

Pet Therapies- Pets are a wonderful therapy for everyone- and our residents are no exception.  The uncondional love and soothing sense of calm a gentle animal can bring to our residents is always in high demand.  If you have the means to provide our residents time with some well mannered, calm, pets, please call us to arrange time for visits!

Obviously, there are many other ways to volunteer and donate your skills/talents -these are just a few areas the residents have voiced a desire to explore recently.

If you have a skill or interest and would like to share your talent with our residents, we would love to have you !  Please contact Val Poling at mccc240@gmail.com with your idea!  or call Lisa Blair at 217/873-5266 to discuss further.

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