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Drew Corporation and Autumn Leaves Inc.  - Providing residential services to adults with developmental disabilities. 

Our Belief
All services offered at our agencies are based on the belief that all people have aspirations and dreams for their life, and all people are entitled to pursue their vision of a quality and meaningful life.  The role our agency plays in this mission is to create opportunities and teach skills that can assist the individual in acquiring the life they desire.   The objective of our residential services is to assist the individual in gaining skills and independence in the areas of personal care, communication and interaction, adaptive behavior, emotional regulation, health and safety, and community integration.    

Our residential facilities:

Beacon Street Place:  A small, 4 person residence located in Decatur, Illinois.
 Hickory Street place:  A 6 person residence with 24 hour staff supervision located on the East End of Decatur, Illinois
 44th Street Place:  A 6 person residence with 24 hour staff supervision located off Rt. 36 in Decatur, Illinois
 Moultrie County Community Center:  A large, bi-level home with capabilities to offer residential placement to 16 individuals.  This facility is located in the village of Lovington, Illinois (approx. 15 miles east of Decatur).  This facility provides 24 hour staff supervision and a small staff to resident ratio.   


We encourage and promote personalized living areas which allow our residents to express their unique style and personality! 

 Spacious activity areas- &-
Comfortable living areas for socializing and relaxing

  Current Residential Openings:

Residential Openings Available
Updated 6/10/14

Beacon Street Place:
4 bed ICF/DD facility located near the airport/Mt Zion area in Decatur Illinois.  Currently there is 1 female opening in this facility.   This is a very "homey" facility, integrated into the neighborhood and community.  The setting is handi-cap accessible.  current residents of this facility have all lived in this setting for over 5 years.  One individual has been in this home for over 20 years.  Individuals attend Macon Resources Inc. for day training services.  Opportunities for community employment are also available.  individuals have a variety of social and recreational activities and outings each week including participation with Special Olympics, shopping, out to eat, personal interest pursuits, friends nights, dates, etc.  If you would like to inquire about this opening, please contact:

Valerie Poling, Administrator

or Jane Williams

Moultrie County Community Center

Moultrie County Community Center (MCCC) is an ICF-DD-16 bed facility situated in the village of Lovington, Illinois, which is approximately 15 miles east of Decatur.  This small town offers a safe, friendly, living experience to our individuals.  MCCC is a well-established part of this community, having operated in the village for over 20 years.  The local merchants, community resources and civic agencies welcome our residents into this small town setting.  Residents of MCCC enjoy a safe environment with many amenities within walking distance, thus an excellent opportunity for our individuals to increase independence in community integration.   Opportunities for integration and leisure available to individuals of MCCC in the local area include a public library, restaurant, convenience store, several churches, a park, etc. The individuals residing at MCCC also benefit from close proximity to a choice of day programs, the Moultrie County Beacon in Sullivan, Illinois and Macon Resources Inc. located in Decatur, Illinois.  Both day trainings are approximately 15 minutes away.    
Valerie Poling, ADM

Valerie Tisdale, RSD

  Our Agency has an open door policy with families, guardians and important people who have meaningful relationships with the individuals we serve. To get a feel for what we believe in, and how we can assist in the life of your loved one, you must come and see what we are all about!

To schedule a visit, or to inquire about openings at any of our facilities, please contact the Administrator, Valerie Poling at  217/873-5266 or email at

Packets may be received at the above address or by faxing to 217-873-6266 (alternate fax 217-330-7624) in the attention of Val Poling.

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