Summer Activities & Events!

Facility Events and Activities  

Summer has kicked off in a big way for our facilities!  Our residents have been busy enjoying lots of fun in the sun...

We have a lot of exciting outings, vacation days, and events planned for the summer months-

June Activities include:

Hickory Street place hosted an open house 5/22.

 Everyone enjoys attending the KC Dances held at the Knights of Columbus in Decatur and hosted by Decatur Park District!  These are held on the first Wednesday of each month!

MRI hosted a family festival and dinner on June 5th from 5p-7p for consumers that attend day training at MRI and their families!  Everyone had a great time!  thanks MRI!

Several Saturdays throughout June will be spent cruising block sales, garage sales, town sales, etc.  It's always fun to look for a bargain!  

When it's hot out, we all want ice cream and frozen treats!  We will be frequenting the Dairy Bar in Sullivan, Krekels in Decatur, and Dairy Queen!  

Special Olympics State competition in Bloomington for the track and field events is scheduled for 6/13 and 6/14!

Montgomery County Fair will host an all day event with Special Olympics and all of our athletes will be attending on 6/21.

Everyone has been anxiously anticipating the movie Malefecent- the new Disney movie which came out this summer.  We are looking forward to seeing this 6/22.

 There are several shopping trips planned throughout the month.  We also have some fun in house activities such as art/crafts, bingo, kickball, walks to the park, cookouts, movie and popcorn, games, and much much more...


In July we have a beach trip planned, Bloomington Zoo trip, and MCCC open house!  Check back next month for our July calendar of events! 


MCCC and Hickory Street Place earned bragging rights with residents bringing home the gold and silver in the 50 yard dash, softball throw, and standing long jump with Special Olympics.  Our athletes headed to Bloomington to participate in the state competition June 13th and 14th!  



**Please note- guardians and family members are always invited to attend the resident council meeting each month.  If you are unable to attend and have suggestions/input, please feel free to comment below confidentially, or contact the ADM, Val Poling at

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